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Limited Worldwide Warranty SYDNEY MOTORSPORT ENGINEERING All Sydney Motorsport Engineering Products Limited warranties are extended to the original consumer only. This Limited Warranty is not assignable or otherwise transferable. There are no warranties that extend beyond those stated herein. Sydney Motorsport Engineering Products offer no other warranties expressed or implied beyond this Limited Warranty and are only applicable within the first 12 months of the purchase date. In the event of an alleged defect in material or workmanship, Sydney Motorsport Engineering Products responsibility is strictly limited to repair or replace the defective product. Sydney Motorsport Engineering has no other obligation expressed or implied. Final warranty determination will be in the sole discretion of Sydney Motorsport Engineering. Sydney Motorsport Engineering shall not be responsible for; (a) actual or alleged labour, transportation, or other incidental charges; or (b) actual or alleged consequential or other damages incurred by use of any product of Sydney Motorsport Engineering. To initiate the warranty process, the consumer must return the alleged defective product to the place of purchase with a dated receipt and completed applicable warranty claim tag. Warranty claims will be rejected if the date of purchase cannot be established by the consumer. Sydney Motorsport Engineering assumes no responsibility for products sent directly to Sydney Motorsport Engineering unless sold directly by Sydney Motorsport Engineering. Sydney Motorsport Engineering Limited Worldwide Warranty specifically does not apply to products, which have been; (a) modified or altered in any way; (b) subjected to adverse conditions, such as misuse, neglect, accident, improper installation or adjustment, dirt or other contaminants, water, corrosion, or faulty repair; or (c) used in other than those applications recommended by Sydney Motorsport Engineering Products. Sydney Motorsport Engineering Products also does not warrant, and disclaims all liability for products used in activities and /or applications other than those specifically recommended by Sydney Motorsport Engineering. All Sydney Motorsport Engineering items are not subject to warranty when used for marine application. NOTE: This document is subject to change.